Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the Fastest Path to the Cloud.

What are the risks?

Although cloud migration may seem a simple and straightforward process, accidents such as downtime and data loss can happen.

Besides, any enterprise willing to migrate to Amazon Web Services infrastructure confront countless doubts which are time consuming and affect the progress of this apparently simple change.


For these reasons a move to the cloud demands a dedicated team with an in-depth knowledge of the required tools and operating models. Don’t delay further and switch to the cloud with our solution. We offer a replica of your workload or application on the cloud integrated with our AWS managed services, thus making migration fast while maintaining accessibility, business continuity and security.

Our Experience


Migrating to AWS from an existing infrastructure is a very important step and, however challenging it may be, it will guarantee your business to be more cost effective and agile.

We take this task very seriously and we use our experience to work closely with your IT team and make sure the cloud deployments runs smoothly.

Migration Process

At Cloudkog, our experienced staff knows that migration to AWS must be scrupulously planned and executed.

We run non-disruptive tests and check that the replicated data are properly copied and stored in the cloud location and redirect traffic accordingly.


Migrate a non-premises environments to AWS cloud

Save time and money

Simplify the cloud transition

Maximum results and expert counsel

Reduced risk, consistency and repeatability

Quick design personalised migrations

Your Benefits

Migration to public Cloud allows you to save on operating costs and benefit from a more flexible data allocation and higher accessibility.

Our experts will offer you the knowledge and tools you need to monitor your cloud usage in a simple and efficient manner.


Our Experience