Scale Your WebApp

Scale Your WebApp

We replace typical hosting provider functionality providing better services for a smaller budget, less IT dependency and no time wasting.

Consulting Service FREE

Would you like to use the AWS infrastructure and you are looking for a competent consulting partner?

We offer AWS architecture consulting – including advice, support and the migration of your applications and data to the cloud.
In the setup phase we take care of the complete management of your AWS instances.




You can now take advantage of the infinite scalability offered by AWS and leave the maintenance and monitoring to us.

Do you expect changeable levels of traffic on your website and you would like to be able to respond to it at any time?

Thanks to AWS and our expertise at building scalable setups, your instances are easily scaled according to your needs without the slightest restriction.

You can rely on our experts to set up scalable systems using the large AWS infrastructure and provide infinite scaling when you need it.

High Availability

Do you need your website to be available at all times?

The AWS availability zones and our configuration experience protect your platform against failures.
AWS instances and services can be operated in multiple availability zones and regions worldwide.


Reduce your IT costs


Reduce your IT costs while increasing performance on the cloud.

Would you like to pay only for what you actually use? With AWS and CloudKog, you will only pay for what you actually get.


From concept to implementation, CloudKog offers easy deployment to get your applications up and running in no time!

You can profit of the power and reliability AWS can offer.


Data globally accessible at any time

AWS Data Center Based

Auto-Scaled: Stop losing profits because your website or web application does not scale due to demand surges

Auto-Recovery: in case of network connectivity loss or hardware error, auto-recovery on the AWS cloud maintains the efficiency of the service

Pricing depending on the usage

Multi-Availability Zones

Global Content Delivery Network

Our Experience